テグラはセメントタイルの製作販売をしています。 セメントタイルとは1867年のパリ万国博覧会で発表され、19世紀にヨーロッパ中に普及したタイルです。 現在もフランスやスペインなどヨーロッパ各地、主要な生産地のモロッコやベトナムの商店や市場や民家に残っていて、 それぞれの街の文化の一部となっています。 セメントタイルはセメントをベースに様々な型枠に流し込んだ天然の顔料をプレス成形し1枚1枚手作りでできています。 マットな質感や色合いとさまざま模様が魅力の建材です。 飲食店や物販店など人が集う空間に適したベーシックな幾何学パターンを中心にオンラインでご紹介しています。 色の組み合わせを変えたい、オリジナル柄を作りたいなどのご要望はコンタクトページからお問い合わせください。 TEGULA manufactures and sells cement tiles. Cement tiles became widespread in Europe in the 19th century, after it was first presented at the Exposition Universelle de Paris in 1867. One could still find them in stores, markets and houses in various European countries such as France and Spain, as well as Morocco and Vietnam, which were major production regions. They have become a part of the culture of each city. Cement tiles are handmade one by one, using cement as a base, pouring natural pigments into various molds and then pressed. It is an appealing building material with its matte texture and color tone, as well as its various patterns. Some basic geometric patterns which are suitable for such places as restaurants and stores where people gather, are mainly introduced on this website. If you would like to customize the tiles, such as changing colors, please inquire through the contact form.